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Our Services

Ctori Construction Consultants provide Planners and Commercial Managers across a wide variety of construction projects. Our consultants can work on specific tasks with defined deliverables or can be seconded into construction teams filling a role within the organisation through the tenure of a project.



Full-service Teams, Consultancy and Strategy

At Ctori Construction Consultants, we combine our insights and expertise to deliver successful project management. We are proud to help shape and improve how our clients structure and manage their projects and ensure delivery with best practices.


NEC Contract Leading Experts

We offer advice in the settlement of disputes involving the interpretation of NEC Contracts both to individual clients and as an independent advisor where Parties cannot agree.  We support clients through negotiation and more formal dispute process and have worked with a number of prestigious construction lawyers and QC.

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Procurement, Contract Administration and NEC Expert Advice

Our commercial management services range from preparation of pre-construction procurement strategies for clients to assistance with bid strategy for tenderers and contract management.


As NEC leading experts, we provide reviews of NEC contract amendments and how they may affect the financial risk profile of Parties as well as NEC advice on the correct operation of the contract.


We also provide Contract Administration including change control, collation and verification of costs, contract advice and general management of commercial aspects of construction.


Planning, Programming and Monitoring Services

Our services range from providing full-planning management teams on multi-million pound projects to a single planning resource.


We provide support for tenders as well as regular programme updates on live projects.


We pride ourselves on construction knowledge for each element of work covering design and procurement, mobilisation and project delivery undertaking critical path analysis, forensic planning and general programme management.

Team Meeting


Team Meeting


CCCL provide a range of tailored and standard NEC Contract Training Courses as well as CPD Courses and Workshops.

From general introduction courses to tender evaluation, project management and time-programming, we cover all areas of the NEC contract and can also tailor any course to meet a client's particular needs. For example, where contracts have been amended, CCCL will take account of the changes in the training material and delivery of the course.

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