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Onto the Next Step with Blue Abyss: Geotechnical Investigations

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

5th July 2022

In 2021, CCCL began their work with pioneering Blue Abyss for a project that is in plans to create the world’s largest pool“to establish an international network of next generation, extreme environment research, test, and training centres. Serving the offshore energy, subsea technology, maritime defence, and commercial human spaceflight sectors.”

Layout Drawing of Boreholes to be drilled on-site at AeroHub from June 27th

As we enter the second half of the year, we are pleased to announce a major step forward for the scheme comprising geotechnical surveys at the Cornwall Newquay site, with plans to begin drilling boreholes from 27th June 2022.

A scheme for global impact

Blue Abyss’ primary function will be to enable extreme environment development, both human and robotic, ranging from the offshore energy industry through to the growing human spaceflight sector and adventure tourism.

Following formalizing the Site Licence Agreement with Cornwall Council ground, geotechnical investigations contractor Soil Engineering Geoservices Limited visited the Aerohub Cornwall site on 12th May 2022 to carry out an initial inspection, ground report and highly detailed photographic survey.

Soil Engineering is part of one of the largest Geotechnical Specialist groups in Europe, Soletanche Freyssinet and combined with Bachy Soletanche, deliver solutions across the full spectrum of geotechnical specialisms.

Blue Abyss’ Projected Timeline as per their website, June 2022

What the Future Holds

Geotechnical investigation works are scheduled to commence this month, which will provide invaluable data to inform the next steps of Blue Abyss' construction in Cornwall alongside Bachy Soletanche. CCCL will continue to support the project with project management, program management as well as procurement and contract administration.

We are honored and excited to be a part of this ground-breaking project and witness to its progress. Thank you to our friends and clients at Blue Abyss for trusting us on this remarkable journey. For more information on the project and the services we have provided thus far, please visit our page here, and Blue Abyss’ website.


For more information or any enquiries, please contact Hortence at: Images Copyright: Ctori Construction Consultants Limited / Soil Engineering Geoservices Limited/ Cornwall Council / Blue Abyss UK

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