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Ctori Construction Consultants Limited become official CPD Providers 

We are happy to announce that Ctori Construction Consultants Limited are now officially CPD providers.

With over 15 years of training and mentoring experience in the construction and engineering industries, our CPD NEC training courses aim to provide our clients with extensive value as well as practical application for their projects, strategies and workforces.

Alongside our consultancy, our NEC training courses and workshops have always been valuable contributors to our clients’ projects. We will continue to offer our bespoke training and now have the ability to provide official CPD credits through our accredited courses and workshops. More information on our CPD courses to follow.

To browse our NEC training courses and learn about our bespoke training, please visit our web at or contact us at for any enquiries.


For more information or any enquiries, please contact Hortence at:

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