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Tendering, Planning and Monitoring Services

We believe that good programming is the heart of successful project management. 

The ever changing nature of construction projects require regular programme updates are critical to ensure clarity and understanding both to the team delivering the work and the client.


Our expert planning team have experience in all elements of planning and programme controls, ranging from production of tender programme, ongoing programme updates during the course of the project and delaying forensic analysis.   



Our widespread experience in producing tender programmes allows our planners to integrate into an existing company’s tender team in order to increase levels of understanding and experience.


We can also utilise drawings and bills of quantities together with established output rates and building from first principles to produce tender programme independently. These would always be accompanied with a detailed narrative report explaining the methodology of construction, site logistic, constraints, critical path, risks and opportunities. 

Planning Management

We have extensive and proven experience providing full planning management teams ranging from multi-million pound infrastructure projects to a single planning resource to complete monthly programme updates on residential projects. 

Our highly skilled and experienced Planning Managers utilise the latest tools, software and best practices to aid the successful delivery of projects. Our Planners can deliver a wide range of planning skills which are further enhanced by the contract administration training they are given. 

Forensic Delay Analysis

Our experience across the construction industry makes us well placed to examine projects that have come into difficultly.


It is our detailed understanding of construction which sets us apart from others and enables us to fully comprehend events on projects and the consequence of change. 

During our forensic delay analysis work our Planning Managers are often supported by our Commercial team working together to not only prove entitlement and causation for delay but also the cost impact for the event.

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